All our Doves are homing birds and are in peak condition. They are fed on a mixed diet of corn and minerals to ensure the best possible condition.

Many months of training go into preparing the doves for release so that they can fly safely back to their lofts.

If for any reason any of our birds are lost, they each carry their own identity ring with our contact details on. Please be assured that we promise to make every effort to retrieve any lost dove.

They love to bathe and pamper themselves prior to a release. They are very much loved and cared for. All of our birds are vaccinated. Our birds are important to us we do not ship them by mail for self release. All of our dove release coordinators have many years of experience handling our birds.

Because we are responsible owners, we use Rock Doves that are homing birds. You should never attempt a release with Fantail doves as they do not have a homing instinct and would not fly home. Our lofts are kept in immaculate condition. This reflects the condition of our birds.

To ensure the birds safety we cannot release in harsh weather conditions. In such circumstances, you will be given a full refund.